Iain Taylor Employment Consultant

I completed my Bachelors of Social Work qualification from Massey University in 2015 and have already had many positive experiences working in the Mental Health sector in New Zealand. I believe wellness can be attained by working from a holistic perspective where balance between healthy mental, physical, social and spiritual spheres is fundamental to create a state of positive wellbeing. I work collaboratively with people empowering them to achieve their goals in measurable and attainable steps, and use their success to develop resilience and self-confidence throughout their life journey. I am also focused on the needs of employers and recognise the importance of having a workplace that is productive and safe, but also social responsible environment that can employ people with a multitude of abilities and offer them the opportunity to be part of that team. I see my role as employment consultant as the interface to finding the right person for the right job as I draw from a range of cultural, psychosocial and empirically proven practice models to motivate, support and integrate the right candidate into a valuable member of your team.