Welcome to our new staff!

October already! – where has the year gone.
We recently welcomed three new staff into EDGE – Julie, Iain and Liam. Each bringing their own skill-set into the supported employment field and valued input into the service, they look forward to working with you whether it be in your employment quest, or vacancy needs. If you have a moment, head over to our about us page and check out their bio’s.

As we approach the Christmas season its a great time to start thinking about filling roles to cover for the season rush, and to really get out there with your CV if you are a job seeker. If you are an employer looking to fill some vacancies, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 09 414 6044 – Janice or one of the team would be happy to come and discuss your opening and what we can do to support getting it filled with the right person!

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