Job Seekers Referral Form

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    Personal Details
  • Section 2

    Referrer Details
  • If you are making a referral yourself to work with EDGE, please go to section 3. If you are referring or assisting someone to refer please complete the below.
  • Section 3

    Other Agencies
    If yes, please complete the below. If no, continue to section 4.
  • Section 4

    EDGE Employment is funded to support people whose lives had been affected and/or altered by mental ill health for example: Depression Schizophrenia Bi-Polar Affective Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Anxiety
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  • Section 6

    Your Preferences.
    Whilst we will strive to match your consultant preferences, due to consultant availability we cannot guarantee your choice will always be possible.
  • Section 7

    Contract Permission
  • As part of our service is to contact you monthly while on our waiting list, we need to ensure that we protect your privacy when calling. For this reason we ask your permission, when contacting you, to leave details about our organisation.
    permission for Edge to leave details concerning their organisation on my answer phone
    permission for Edge to leave details about their organization with any person that answers my telephone. Upon receipt of your referral you will receive a letter of confirmation and a staff member will follow this up with a phone call.