How EDGE can benefit your company

Who Are We?

EDGE Employment is a service of Connect Supporting Recovery Inc.

We are innovative and are at the leading edge of the mental health business. We have been successfully meeting the needs of North Shore and Rodney businesses and their employees for over two decades.

We are proud to have placed over one hundred people in work each year for the past twenty two years.

EDGE Employment is funded by government and philanthropic trusts. Our services are offered to employers and their employees at no cost to the employer.

Benefits For Employers

Gain Reliable Employees

Gain reliable employees, carefully matched to your business goals.

Save Your Time and Money

We will help you find the right person when you need them and take the stress out of recruiting.

Our Guaranteed Support

Use our guaranteed follow up support. It ensures a successful experience for both you and your employee.

Government Subsidies

We can help negotiate government subsidies if you need them.

Community Image

Enhance your community image. Demonstrate your concern for people who need someone to “give them a go”, and walk the talk of social responsibility.

And Much More

Our consultants are happy to discuss the other benefits in more detail, give us a call!

Our Process


You outline your requirements Meeting your needs is crucial to our success We survey the job and confirm with you what a win—win outcome will look like


You are presented with candidates that have been carefully matched to your requirements.


You interview or meet the applicant. We can make all the arrangements.


You make the employment decision.

Benefit Your Company

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Recruitment At Zero Cost?

Hiring the right person for your business can be a hassle. Either you hire a recruitment agency to do the job for you or you do it yourself. Whether there are costs involved or not them is a certain level of risk as well.

While mainstream recruitment agencies may provide you with skillful workforce, they stay out of scene when it comes to job retention or developing workplace culture and minimizing stress at work.

EDGE Employment is not a mainstream recruitment agency, as we do not charge employers for hiring our jobseekers.

The services offered to employers are unique as we ensure the best possible match of individual's skills and experience with the job requirements.

One of our major objectives in placing our jobseeker with your business is to aim for job retention.

Job retention is one of our specialties as we provide support for both employee and employer.

Thinking Like a Business

Within EDGE Employment, a business-like approach and culture has been developed. This is a service offered and marketed to employers. Staff needs to mirror the environment in which they are moving, speak the language and know the priorities and imperatives that concern the world of commerce.

The business-like approach recognises that the service has two key and equally as important clients: the job seeker and the employer. Thus an implicit aim is to provide a quality service that meets the needs of employers and enhances their workplace effectiveness. There is no searching for charity or an excessive beneficence on the part of the employer. A business case is made for the decision to hire someone with a mental illness.

Clearly, determined and inspiring leadership is vital in the face of these challenges. Such leadership must also be encouraging with a healthy dose of single-mindedness to ensure that employment for people using the service is the clear outcome to be achieved.

Real Work, Real Pay

There is significance in the large number of self-referrals accepted by EDGE.

Improving access to mental health services, and responsiveness of those services has been a contentious issue for a number of years. A challenge for such services is to engage with clients, and offer interventions, which have meaning, relevance and contribute to successful living in the community.

The experience of EDGE is that of providing a service, which has been specifically shaped to meet a need. Any success EDGE has enjoyed has accrued from this focus. Popular belief within mental health services is that the community and employers are not interested in engaging with health and social initiatives. This is contradicted by developing business practices that implement notions of social responsibility and triple bottom-line reporting.

Thinking like a business is imperative to the survival of a service like this. In 2000 we achieved our goal of becoming an employment service with a mental health focus rather than a mental health service with an employment focus. Whilst this may seem semantic the difference in these two statements underpin how we do what we do.

Proper Workplace Environment Makes Profit

We believe it is crucial for business success to provide a workplace culture in which individual creativity and abilities are well supported.

While it is obvious that enjoyable work environment is going to be more productive, essentially save money on low staff turnover, reduces absenteeism and sick leave caused by work-related stress, not many businesses are actually able or knowledgeable about how to do it .

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