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Benefits For Employers

Gain Reliable Employees

Gain reliable employees, carefully matched to your business goals.

Save Your Time and Money

We will help you find the right person when you need them and take the stress out of recruiting.

Our Guaranteed Support

Use our guaranteed follow up support. It ensures a successful experience for both you and your employee.

Government Subsidies

We can help negotiate government subsidies if you need them.

Community Image

Enhance your community image. Demonstrate your concern for people who need someone to “give them a go”, and walk the talk of social responsibility.

And Much More

Our consultants are happy to discuss the other benefits in more detail, give us a call!

Benefit Your Company

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About Us

The Supported Employment approach assumes that people with mental illness can work successfully in the open labour market given a suitable job and the right support. This means that the service delivered needs to be tailored to the individual’s specific needs and offer a broad range of strategies and supports. EDGE staff members are tenacious in their belief about people’s potential and ability to perform in work.

How Can We Help Job Seekers?

Supported employment means integrated work. You will be working alongside people who don't have a mental health diagnosis.
Supported employment means ongoing support. You will be getting assistance on and off the job to remain successfully employed.
Supported employment does not mean sheltered employment.